Unlocking Capital for Real Businesses

At Defactor Labs, we provide the necessary technological and financial tools for companies to access blockchain financing, efficiently and securely. Using blockchain technology to secure real-world assets, we give investors the confidence to lend to SMEs. Apply for our funding and investment opportunities today.

Why fund through Defactor Labs?

Asset Tokenisation

Tokenise your assets with Defactor Labs’ platform. With blockchain, funding is transparent, secure and autonomous. The three asset classes being funded at present are; Trade finance, Inventory finance and Receivables.

Growing constraints in Traditional Finance

TradFi can be slow, inflexible, and inaccessible for many SMEs in global supply chains. Don’t let outdated financial models hold your business back – explore a new, reliable and fast source of liquidity.

Competitive Cost of Capital

Defactor Labs’ DeFi (Decentralised Finance) structure reduces intermediary costs associated with traditional financing.


Defactor Labs has a strong regulatory and compliance framework, institutional grade KYC/AML, and utilises the secure nature of blockchain and smart contract technology.

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